Smilfie Pod Let’s smile together.


Smilefie Pod is a selfie camera unit that takes photos by just smiling.
Using it is easy.
All you have to do is sync Smilefie Pod with a compatible iOS or Android smartphone and launch the app.
Smile in front of Smilefie Pod and your photo is taken automatically.
When a photo is taken, a QR code is generated making it easy for you to share the photos instantly.
Smilefie Pod is powered by a mobile battery so you can use it anywhere you like.
Smilefie Pod is a new selfie device that can capture fun moments when everyone is smiling.

You can add multiple original frames (which have logos, URLs, hashtags, etc.)
on top of each other onto photos.
They can be used as flyers for events and shops as they can be taken home straight after the photo is taken.
The layout and design of frames are flexible so please contact us to find out more.

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